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Can pressure washing damage my house?

If not done correctly, pressure washing can damage your home’s exterior. The typical pressure washer you buy at a big box store is 2.8 GPM and 2500-3500 PSI with a direct drive pump. Your GPM or gallons per minute will set the pace on how fast you clean, the more GPM’s the quicker you’ll finish your cleaning job. The PSI or pounds per square inch is what will get you into trouble. Most washers are sold with 4-5 removeable tips, and they are as follows yellow 15 degree, green 25 degree, white 40 degree, red 0 degree and black if your machine can draw soap and note it will only draw with the black tip installed.

The RED tip, in my opinion, should be removed and discarded from the start. As a professional, you will not find a red tip anywhere at A2Z Pressure Washing. The red tip is the highest-pressure tip you can install with a zero-degree angle, and it will work like a drill bit and destroy most materials including concrete. DO NOT USE THE RED TIP!!!

Another way you can cause damage to your home, which happens quite frequently, is damaged windows. This can happen in several different ways. First off, not having your tips properly seated onto your wand handle, which as soon as you squeeze the trigger the tip is under extreme pressure and shoots out, causing broken/cracking glass or damaging your siding. The second is to much pressure on the windows themselves. Pressure can cause broken/cracking glass but can also damage the seals of the glass which allows water to enter and allows the low-e gas to escape causing foggy windows.

If you decide to call a professional cleaning company here are a few questions to ask.

1) How much pressure do you use to wash my home? They should be able to show you. Here, at A2Z, we use 500-800PSI and are happy to show/explain to you our process so you can have a solid understanding.

2) What detergents they will be using, and this depends on if your soiled areas are organic or inorganic.

3) How are they going to protect your plants and shrubs in your landscape?

4) Does your company haul their own water or do you provide it?

5) Are you insured and bonded?

Where does A2Z Serve? From Bellevue, OH to Sandusky, OH and Huron, OH to Norwalk, OH

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