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How often should you wash your house?

Is it really worth it to get my house washed regularly?

This is a question that I am often asked by homeowners, and I give them this scenario to consider…you buy a new car for $50,000 and you stop once a week for a car wash at $10/week or $520/year to maintain the exterior of your car. And maybe you wash your car more than once a week, after all in Northern Ohio you need to keep your car from getting damage from salt in the winter month... But, after 5 years of owning your car, its value is half of what you paid for it as we all know cars depreciate.

Your home is a different story. You buy a home for $200,000 and it’s likely your most valuable asset. With normal maintenance, your home increases in value unlike your car. So…you spend $520/year to wash your car – why don’t you give your home the same treatment?

You can get an average size home washed for the same cost or less. Protect your home from contaminants, algae and general wear and tear by getting it cleaned annually and protect your investment!!

Plus in our area in Ohio, from Sandusky to Bellevue, and from Norwalk to Huron, we are proud of our homes, we enjoy beautifying our neighborhoods! Getting your house washed is a great way to do just that.

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