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Why should I clean and seal my concrete driveway?

There are several reasons you should clean and seal your concrete driveway which include safety, maintenance, and curb appeal. Firstly, slips and falls could be hazardous to you, your family, and friends. With years of leaves, rain and snow on your concrete drive/sidewalk, mold and mildew can start to grow and become extremely slippery especially when wet. Slips and falls can be dangerous and can cause physical and financial damage. Sealing your concrete can help to prevent this buildup.

Maintenance of your concrete, such as sealing, can help to prevent this type of buildup and protect your concrete from pitting due to salt and wear and tear. While some sealants may cause smooth and stamped concrete to become slippery when wet, you can add grit during the application process to help prevent this.

Next – your curb appeal is much greater when you have a bright clean driveway. If you live in Northern Ohio, maybe around Bellevue, Sandusky, Fremont, Norwalk, or Huron where snow and ice are common, salt is used to prevent slips and falls. Even if you don’t use salt, you drive on city streets that do and once home, the salt drips off your car onto your drive which causes damage over the years. If you start noticing small indents or pits in your concrete, the salt is already deteriorating your concrete.

A2Z located in Bellevue, Ohio can help you protect your property so Give Us A Call…

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